went shopping today. got a buncha really cute skirts. and shoes. and i didnt use that much of my own money! woohoo! :-D heehee. i had muchos gift cards :-D woohoo! im done w summer shopping. cept i hafta get a few more tank tops and ill be good :) other than that im good till thanksgiving :) when i hafta shop for winter clothes. blech. eh whatever. i had lotsa fun today. hung out w liz most of the day. it was really fun. :) rachel's leaving tomorrow. for a whole month...well more than that. but yea. i think that idea of giving me a key to her house is a good idea :-D heehee. hope she has a good time. yupyup. wonder what im gonna do tomorrow. hmmm...


yesterday hung out w cliff and liz. all day. i still have cliff's sunglasses. again. haha. went to the beach. then the pool. then liz's restaurant. then to the campground nick had got. it was mucho fun. got my phone wet. didnt work for awhile. but its all good now. never talk on the phone when you're IN the pool :-D heehee. probably going to the beach again. oh what fun! been to the beach so much lately. i feel like im going almost every day. but i havent. :) im gonna have such a nice tan! hopefully. :) goin to the movies later tonight. :) oh what fun! :)


today went to the beach. i got darker! yay! my legs are still gross tho
after the beach we got into the jaccuzzi. it was fun. jenn got thrown in. i got shoved in. apparently...when that happened i looked like a frog. thats what jenn said.*shrug* then we went to jenn's house and ate dinner. and just sat around and talked. it was lotsa fun. but i got a major headache. *shrug* what can you do.


today i woke up super early to go w jenn to ride her horse. i gotta learn lotsa horse stuff. it was really fun :) and then i went w her and watched these two kids sell lemonade...it was....interesting. made 20 bucks outta that ;) and then came home hung out w eileena for awhile and then went and got food. omg...today i stuffed myself w sooooo much crap. not even funny...well we hung out for awhile....and then we went to red robin for dinner. it was soooooo goooood. stuffed myself silly. kinda like the way you stuff an animal....oop thats a joke w me and eddie. :-D anyway....after that...we went to liz's house and we saw her newly dyed hair. it was really cool. we went w her to in n out and then we went to DQ and i paid for everybody and then i couldnt finish my blizzard thing so i gave it to jenn. so basically jenn had 1 and a half of those things. so yea. today was pretty fun. basically...we ate a whole lot. tomorrow we're going shopping...ugh i hate shopping...but it should be fun considering liz and nick and ryan and jenn and me are all going. :) we'll see how that goes. lol.
last night was fun. me liz and james...we finally went mini golfing...after 2 years of planning ;) i think i lost. actually im pretty sure i lost :-D at the first hole, i kinda hit the ball too hard and it went out somewhere...who knows where :-D so liz got another ball for me :-D after that...we went to the arcade just long enough for josh and liz to play one game of DDR. then everybody came to my house and we played some more DDR for awhile. and then we dyed my hair. now its bright red. it looks kinda funky. cuz we ran outta bleach :-D josh's hair is black now tho :-D they came over at like 11 something. they left at 230 in the morning. it was great. this morning i got yelled at cuz the dog pooped everywhere after i went to sleep. ooooops :-D but its all good. :) today im going to jenn's barn w her. then were going to red robin cuz ive never been there. :-D oh what fun!! :)


guess who's bored again :-D

I'm the =-o
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MORE PICTURES!!!! its from graduation and stuff



i went to this new doctor. ever since i was little ive always gone to a pediatrician. today was the first time i havent gone to a pediatrician. i went to a MD. i guess thats what theyre called. *shrug*

she found out that i have some problems...
1. i have moderate depression
-this girl who does nothing but laugh has fuckin depression
2. i might have diabetes
- fun
3. im overweight
- everybody knew that already

yea today sucked. after that. *sigh* i spent most of my day there too. and then stupid costco didnt have my pictures out yet. grrr. i was not a happy camper :( blah.
hopefully tomorrow i'll go minigolfing w liz and james. i hope that actually happens tho. *sigh*
today just sucked. thats basically it. :-/

i got bored again :-D

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today was...interesting...in the morning...i cleaned under my bed. :-D It's so clean now! :-D then i went to costco to pick up my pictures..but too bad they only had my mom's pictures and they didnt have mine :( grrrr. then i went to target so that liz could get a cd wallet book thing and i could get a car air freshner so that my car doesnt smell like its rotting. then me and liz went back to my house and we had a homemade facial. it was ...like i said...interesting. im not really into that kinda stuff. but now my face is all smooth :-D and then liz met jenn and her best friend. it was cool jenn met my best friend and i met her best friend. heehee :) thats bout it...thats my day. sounds like fun doesnt it? :) i wonder what ill be doing tomorrow...hmmmm *think think think*
cleaned my room all of yesterday...it was uh...fun? lol...THANKS JENN!! i love jenn :) she's the bomb. she helped me clean!! heehee. in the evening i went out w cliff and liz. cliff finally signed my yearbook. hahaha. while cleaning found emails i had kept from T. i miss those long conversation thingies!! :( oh how sad. nostalgia kicking in. yick. probably gonna go to del mar fair today. oh what fun! :)


yesterday...slept over at liz's house. it was fun. we slept in a tent :) got soaking wet no thanks to nick. well...it was mostly my fault. but thats besides the point :-D really really fun. :) today parents got mad at me. exhausted today too. weirdness. I'M A GRADUATE!!! :-D


the last few days have been nothign but fun. :) letsee....thursday we didnt really do anything...friday....me and jenn went to dan's house. i got asked whether i was high or not because i laughed so much. that was great. and something else happened but we wont' go into that ;) saturday....met jon. that was fun. later me and jenn went to jack's house. i played gta3. that was fun :) i killed everybody :) and then we just hung out at jenn's. and then today...i went to azlynn's pool party. 50 people my ass. try 10. anyway...left early. some problems arised. later...me and jenn went to rancho to see her horsies. that was cool. so many horsies! :) chief talked to us :) it was cool. before that we went to jack's and played some more gta3 :-D i love that game. :) heehee. of course, i die all the time, but thats besides the point :-D


yesterday was soooo fun! after school let out...NO MORE SCHOOL!!! WHOOHOO!!!...i slept. :) and then we went to this bonfire shindig thing where we burned all our hw and stuff. it was lotsa fun. we ended up having a fire that was like 10 feet above the pit. (highly illegal) and they kept adding wood stuff. haha. then alfonso added gas...you know for cars? haha it was cool. we stayed later than we expected. :) haha. after everybody left...cliff, boggs, darin, liz and i...we played on the swings for awhile. i was on the phone sitting on a swing...and darin started pushing me and then i started falling off. haha. it was really fun. and then cliff, darin, and boggs started racing each other to see who could go the highest. haha. it was great. so much fun. i love having no school. :) NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!!! EVER!!! AHH!!! hahaha.
yesterday...i put something...but today i forgot what it was. :-D oops my bad :-D


interesting thing happened...well....not really. but whatever. :-D

ok...so im a little bored *again* so i go to jenn's house.and she's talking to dan so we're sitting there talking to people for awhile and then jenn goes i want ice cream. so we decide to go to cold stone to get ice cream. before we leave tho, she asks dan whether he wants some...he's like sure...of course...we have no freakin clue where he lives. so we get the ice cream and i call him and he gives me directions. of course, theyre the wrong directions. im totally going up the wrong street and i finally call him and im like where the hell am i? he doesnt know. and then he realizes that he gave me the wrong street name. go figure. so he gives me the right directions and little did i know that there were 5 million cul de sacs w the same street name. lol. so i finally find the one he's at and we get to his house. can you see the color of a house at night? cuz i cant. anyway...so i get outta the car and he says thanks and then i hafta leave right away cuz...well....i had already broken my curfew. so i couldnt even hang out. how sad. oh well whatever. it was cool. i got to drive around randomly for awhile :-D heehee.
nothing interesting happened today. :-/ *sigh* i wanted to do our math presentation, but that didnt happen cuz people took too long. which means i hafta go to school tomorrow :( theres really no point in going to school anymore. i mean...we go...we watch movies and thats it. oh yea and the teachers use us as child labor. lol. how sad. we're slaves. *sigh*. ah. too tired. goin to sleep now. i need to wash my car and get gas but that could wait. :)


i have decided that having 12 hours of sleep for one night is not as much fun as having 10 hours of sleep. :-D thats my revelation of the day. :) today was fun. kinda. :) didnt really do anything exciting though. liz came over and then we went to clairemont to pick dennis up and then we went to utc so that they could buy mark a present, when we almost get there, dennis tells me that i hafta turn back cuz he has his dad's car keys. so we go all the way back to clairemont so that his dad could leave the freakin place ;) and then we finally get to utc and we walk around randomly for an hour or two. lol. it was funny cuz they didnt know what to get him. we had fun at the discovery store tho :-D hmm...letsee...what happened after that. they finally decide to get mark like a couple dvds or something. and then we go to blockbuster and rent shiri...interesting movie...i must say. it was funny. when we switched it from korean to english...the english didnt go w the english subtitles. heehee. man. how cool would it be to understand korean. it sounds so cool. :) its funny. we all got calls when we were hanging out and none of us understood what the other one was saying when they were on the phone. heehee. 3 different languages. anyway. other than that. im kinda bored now. my dad kicked the door closed and got the dog's leg instead. how sad.

ok...so im a little bored...so i go to leeanne's livejournal thing and go and take her quizzes and such :) my results are...


I act like I'm 13.
Take this test here.

hahaha...im 13!!! when im really 17!!! hahahaha :-D

Jubilation Lee
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its 1145 on a saturday morning. why the hell am i up so early?
last night was prom. it was fun. i actually danced. supposedly. haha. whoohoo! :) afterprom last night sucked ass. it was soooo boring. we left before we saw the hypnotist. apparently, ali was sad too. we had it at hard rock cafe. waay too crowded. seriously. didnt get home till 230 am. went to sleep at 330. woke up at 930. WHY?! oy. so tired.
supposed to help eileena move again today. shouldnt take too long. hopefully wont take too long. lol. supposed to hang out w ali too. should be interesting. wonder we're gonna do. heehee.
heehee. my puppy freaked out when i came home w jenn last night. haha. it was so cute. she barked and then she ran away. haha. it was sooo cool! i knew almost all the songs they played at prom! :) edie was prom queen and abel was prom king. its cool :) my feet hurt sooo bad afterwards tho. hmm...i wonder if rachel wants me to go w her to utc or not. oh well.
ok...heres the deal...i had a blog all started and shit...and then i deleted it cuz...well i couldnt change the template...so im gonna put all the posts i had earlier up...but the date's gonna be all retarded...ok? ok!